Saturday, September 3, 2011

Colour Psychology

Color psychology is the study of the effect that colors have on human behaviour particularly the natural instinctive feelings that each color evokes. color preference is subjective however color psychology reveals how each color. creates a collective emotional, mental and physical response in people as a while. Red for example will create feelings of warmth, movement, ambition, determination and sometimes anger! red may bring to maid saying that have been passed down through the ages such as it was like holding up a red rag to a bull! Cultures from around the world may differ in their use of color symbolism and psychology for example in south Asian culture it is common for a bride to marry wearing red where as in western culture a bride traditionally wears white. Colors in our environment affect us on a daily basis, they can act as unconscious triggers that influence how we think, feel and react to the world around us we are able to see around 7,000,000 colors some combinations can create a clash of the sense where as other color combinations create an atmosphere of harmony and balance. The "right" choice of color can create a haven for relaxation or an environment that can increase productivity, stimulate the mind and raise energy levels. The correct choice of color for decor in hospitals has been shown to have a significant effect on patients recovery. Blue creates a feeling of cleanliness and healing, it has been shown to calm patients reactions in accident and emergency wards.

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