Friday, January 7, 2011

Peter Fusaro, Carbon Markets Advisor

A bestselling author and thought leader, Peter brings to Belgrave Trust 32 years of experience in the global energy industry, carbon and emissions trading, clean technology, project finance, and venture capital. Peter is credited with coining the term “Green Trading,” founded the annual Green Trading Summit on Wall Street, and is currently the chairman and founder of Global Change Associates, the industry leading authority on energy and environmental financial markets.

Erik Dochtermann, Consumer Markets Advisor 

The CEO of powerhouse marketing, media, and product placement agency KD&E, Erik is responsible for managing campaigns for a diverse group of global consumer brands including Harry Winston, Christian Dior, Cadillac, and Rock Star Games. Erik's other contributions to the industry include revolutionary applications of clustered frequency research, and accumulation of the largest independent database of media costs.
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Saturday, December 4, 2010

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Forex Broker is the helping person for those who are newly entered into the forex market. The relation between the investor and a broker is long lasting relation that deals several different transactions and orders very smoothly. It is not much difficult to find a good forex broker list as you imagined, just read on to know about the things that are considerable to select a broker.
Many online websites provide you a list of forex brokers, but finding the best brokers is must for making profitable trading dealings with them. Prepare a sheet to keep the details which describes name of the company, year of entering into the forex world, its platform and more.
Search in the internet for the best brokers and send the sheet to those who you already selected to fill it, you can get the reply from all. They will provide you all the details what you want, now you have to work on it to find a good forex broker list among all the lists. List out the top brokers based on their company's legitimacy, authorizations and reputation.
Know the ratings and ranks allotted to them by referring the online reviews, the ranks and ratings are given to them based on their websites traffic level. Broker makes the market, the good broker sells when you want to buy and he buys when you want to sell. Now select the ideal forex broker list from your list of brokers based on their potential to get profits, ranking ratings

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